The most recent update is now out on the servers, version 3.3.5 and introduces a new dungeon/instance!

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Updates are out! PDF Print E-mail
Written by SynPanda   
Thursday, 14 October 2010 06:00

Well the new update for WoW is now out (started Oct 13th) that moves the game to version 4. This update starts the massive change over to the newest expansion pack - Cataclysm, coming out the beginning of December. The update will take about an hour to happen IF you preloaded it previously, if not, then you may be sitting at a hefty 6 hours fo it to do it its thing! 

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Written by SynPanda   
Sunday, 01 August 2010 06:00

Hello and welcome to the web-site for the Exodar Warriors on Velen for the World of Warcraft and also to the site for discussions on PC and Xbox 360 games.  Also, from time to time, there will be other postings of interest for other things fun to play.  Come in, sit back, hang loose, and feel free to contribute to the discussions and anything you find of interest.  If you would like to join our guild or just play along with us, shoot us a message and we will be happy to look you up when we are online!

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Just on Velen? PDF Print E-mail
Written by SynPanda   
Sunday, 01 August 2010 06:00

Do we only play on Velen? No. We have other characters on different servers such as Area 52, Thrall, and Garona. Are we tied to them? Not really, if you wish to team with us or have us start with scratch from you on a different server where some of your other friends or family members play, just ask us to switch or start on there, most likely we will be happy to.  However, keep in mind with our characters on the other realms being established already, it would make it very each to help "bank-roll" your new character.

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Alliance or Horde PDF Print E-mail
Written by SynPanda   
Sunday, 01 August 2010 06:00

What do we play more of? Alliance, in fact the Exodar Warriors are ALL Alliance character on Velen. However, on Thrall we are all Horde (and go by Undercity Exiles), and on Area 52 we are mixed evenly.  Any preference? Well, it may seem ironic being as how we play our Alliance characters most of the time but we enjoy our games most with Horde. They seem a more mature bunch and less likely to have the NErd Rages or the WTH moments.

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Death Knights PDF Print E-mail
Written by SynPanda   
Monday, 16 August 2010 06:00

This is purely my opinion, back up in agreement from numerous discussions in Trade chat, and-of course, argued on the defensive by others. I'm talking of course about the Death Knights-specifically them as a tank class. I speak from knowledge in that I currently have an 80 but now as a DPS build since tanking in its present form blows chunks! I'll go more into the DPS options and debates in another topic, but here I'd like to talk baout tanking. In its present form, the current tank specs are horrible for this, and this is two-fold, one because they can NOT hold proper agro, and secondly they are too dang squishy.  The best DK tank build I've seen to date wasnt a max in only one tree build then the remaining points put into others, on the contraiory, it was a mix of all 3 trees with not one of them maxed.  However, I do realize this writing may be in vain, being as how the upcoming expansion is set to completely revamp the whole class.  This in a few months by my timeline, if I'm wrong I will come back to post a build tree for those still wishing to tank properly. Until then, do all us healers a favor (and the rest of the dps' out there too for that matter) and re-roll to DPS!!

Last Updated on Tuesday, 17 August 2010 00:20
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